Light Holder Plastic Prototype – Case Study

Job Description:

Project: Left & Light Holder + Right Light Holder

Processes: Plastic Injection Molding, Chrome Plating.

Tooling Material: NAK80 polishing steel

Injection Material: ABS plastic

Surface Finish: Chrome Plating

Cavity: Family mold 1+1

Tooling Lead Time: 14 days

Tooling Lifetime: 100,000 shots

Light Holder Plastic Prototype

Job Detail: specialises in rapid manufacture of high quality rapid tooling, rapid prototyping and low to medium-production parts in plastic and metals.Over the years, we have won more and more clients by ensuring high-quality, low cost and on-time delivery.

Our experienced engineering team can provide strong technical support on manufacturing from the part design stage.This is a great help for clients, if having to attend last minute sales launches!

The following example is one of the most successful cases have been privileged to undertake:

A famous automotive company in the USA needed to ensure a quick turn-around of 1,000light holder sets for testing. If they could not obtain these parts before a preset time,it would have severely impacted the product’s sales launch.

Fortunately, was able to take on the job and we conducted a feasibility study on behalf of the client. This resulted in modifications to the part design, so as it could be molded more efficiently, without compromising quality and function. The entire process was completed within 14 days, demonstrating our ability to deliver a product within a short lead time, but with good quality and reasonable low cost. The client was very pleased with our service and happy that the products were able to launch as scheduled.

If you have any demands relating to product development, please feel free to call us or send email and we would be most happy to assist you in any way we can.